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Artwork by Olive HSS



Watch our performance video of “Diana”,
shot by filmmaker, Alain Alfaro.

This is our very first offering, “Diana” shot live in Chinatown, NYC. Directed, shot, and edited by Alain Alfaro.



Buy our record before it’s made.
Become part of the process.

OSTB is selling our record in advance of recording it.
Your pre-sales purchase will go towards studio time, a recording engineer, a producer and mixer, plus final mastering, artwork and CD production, maybe even another video shoot.

Our goal is roughly $5000.
Every bit of generosity helps. To that end, you can donate any amount you want, from $5 on up, anything after $20 and we’ll send you a CD and an mp3 download when the record is finished.

We’re not going to make any Kickstarter style promises.
We won’t come to your house and cook you dinner. We won’t promise you a back-rub. We’re not going to cram our gear into your living room and play a personal show for you (… though ask us nicely and we just might come and play your backyard party … that is if you can promise us that after 5 minutes of subjecting your neighbors to a bit of reality confounding volume, the police won’t show.)

Invest in our passion, and yours. Buy music.
You’ll be investing in our love affair with music, and hopefully yours too! When the CD is finished, we’ll mail you a copy, along with a link to download an mp3 copy as well. We hope you’ll enjoy the completed record, and know that without your help, we couldn’t have made it all happen.

Or go to the “Buy the Record” menu at the top of the page to buy our record in advance of recording it.

Thank you!
Our Saber Tooth Brains thanks you for your donation towards the art of recorded music, played live by three musicians standing in one room, just the way the universe intended!

Corey Folta   .   vocals and drums       |       Matt Kaskela   .   bass       |       Brian Knox   .   keys



Download “Diana” mp3 for free.

Click on the image below for a free mp3 download of “Diana”.

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