I’m becoming less afraid of death with every passing day.

Your tonsils cannot bite me.
Your belly cannot hold me.
Your witches, warlocks, demons and darkness cannot find me. I’m in plain site.

I become less afraid of death with every passing day.

You’re hollow. You become more hollow whenever I look at you, which is too often.
Translucent and rectangular, sing for me. Sing for me twice.

All of this. All of you in front of me. Find your anger first. Find your violence, before you can offer me anything.

You become more hollow with every passing day.
(I become less afraid of death with every passing day.)

Cellophane. Fragile, transparent, starving my breath, clinging to me for yours. This is who you’ve become to me.

Your efforts are without effort, or results. They’re fables only, lessons. I can just barely thank you for those.

Every-so-often, when you think I’m not looking, I see how ugly you truly are.

I become less afraid of death with every passing day.


“This Time” Music Film  Written, Directed, Edited: Corey Folta Cinematography: Hiroshi Hara

Corey Folta: vocals, drums | Matt Kaskela: bass | Number Three: keyboards | Matty Haskel: guitars “This Time”, “Home” and “Home Revisited” Mixed by Corey Folta Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk Cast: Todd Hanebrink | Pooya Mohseni | Dave Polgar Casting Associate: Jessica Pollack First Assistant Director: Stephen Padilla Steadicam Operator: Devin Ladd First Assistant Camera: Bahadir Gurel Chief Lighting Technician: Bob Blankemeier Key Grip: Kevin Martin Swing: Christopher Gould Visual Effects: The Molecule Special Effects Artist/Prosthetic: Suzanne Winwood Production Assistant: Jonathan Reinoso Camera Tech/DIT: Eythan Maidhof Colorist: Sam Daley / Technicolor-PostWorks New York Conform Editor: Chad Schermerhorn Motion Graphics/Titles: Nol Honig | Margalit Neusner | Richard Guerzon Filmed in New York City Copyright © 2015 Our Saber Tooth Brains, All Rights Reserved


“Diana” Music Film  Directed, Shot, Edited: Alain Alfaro Produced: Corey Folta & Giovanny Jorge

Corey Folta: vocals and drums | Matt Kaskela: bass | Brian Knox: keys  “Diana” Mixed and Mastered by Corey Folta  Styling, Hair and Makeup by Giovanny Jorge  Band Girls are: Ariana Rodriguez | Carolina Tejada | Deedee Tantipiyapot  2nd Camera: Edwin Clavijo  Additional Editing: J.P. Damboragian   Lighting Assistants: Cecilia Greco | Justin Thomas | Bill Horace Filmed in New York City Copyright © 2012 Our Saber Tooth Brains, All Rights Reserved


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